Millions of people suffer from genital warts, and most of them leave their problem untreated, causing it to worsen until it becomes uncomfortable to deal with.

Uncomfortable not only because it has the tendency to itch and cause a burning sensation, but also because it causes a serious dent on your sexual lifeā€”it can be transmitted from person to person through intercourse and it can multiply and spread like a wildfire all over your genitals, warranting you a painful, invasive and expensive treatment or surgery.

You don’t need to let your genital warts get out of hand. Here are two ways to fast wart relief that work really well. Ask your doctor which one you should try.

Through Application Of Chemical Compounds

When you visit your doctor, you can ask him or her about the different topical chemical options you have that can deal with your genital warts for the time being. These chemicals are directly applied on top of the warts by the doctor and cause the wart-afflicted tissues to die and fall off.

The surrounding normal skin is applied with petroleum jelly to prevent damage. Chemicals shall be left on for a time period that depends on the size and amount of warts, the amount of treatments the warts have received in the past, and the sensitivity of the skin tissue surrounding the problem areas.

After, it needs to be washed off as instructed. This method is recommended for people who have large and visible warts; those with warts that are small, flat and close to normal skin are a lot harder to remove through this technique.

Through Surgery

Genital wart relief that work through surgery involves applying a certain kind of energy generated by machine on the problem areas. Genital warts that are hanging off bases or are visibly separate from normal skin tissue can be shaved or cut off using a blade and other similar surgical tools.

Bleeding caused by slicing is stopped by chemical cauterization. In relation to this, another effective way for wart removal is through electrocauterization, wherein a machine delivers heat directly onto the wart, zapping it and sealing off the wound with a clot. These may hurt normally, so local anesthetic is usually required for these procedures.

Laser therapy is also another type of treatment that is most preferred by genital warts sufferers because of its documented success rate and better aesthetic quality of the end result. This is exclusively performed by licensed dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Cryotherapy involves freezing the genital warts off using a cotton swab containing liquid nitrogen, causing it to fall off 10 days after application. This is considered one of the wart relief that work best because it requires no anesthesia.

There are no chemicals to wash off. There are no medicines to put on religiously. It does not cause bleeding. You might, however, be required to come back for a couple more sessions before all your warts are removed.

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