The Hyman Papilloma Virus (HPV) is known to cause warts by entering your body through open wounds especially on your feet. More than 70 different types of HPV exist. These warts often develop into soft growths on the skin and mucus membranes of the genitals that can be painful and unsightly.

Unfortunately, once you contract HPV, there is no known cure. Instead, you can only remove the warts as a temporary solution and relief. While there are many such treatments available, only one can be bought without the need of a prescription, and that treatment is called Wartrol.

About Wartrol

Wartrol is one of the best over-the-counter treatments for wart removal on the market, according to many Wartrol product review websites. It uses FDA-approved ingredients, meaning all of Wartrol’s ingredients are proven safe and effective in treating warts.

Wartrol comes in the form of a liquid solution bottle with a brush applicator. Apply Wartrol on the wart using the brush applicator and leave it to air dry for 60 seconds.

It takes about 18 to 19 minutes for the Wartrol liquid solution to begin dissolving each wart, so don’t cover the wart with clothing or bandage during this time. Also note that there may be times when the wart isn’t completely dissolved after just one application, so continue applying Wartrol daily until the wart is gone.

How Wartrol Works

Wartrol is a topical treatment that you apply directly to the part of your skin that is affected by warts. Its FDA-approved ingredients help dissolve the warts directly with just a small application on the affected skin.

Wartrol product review websites say that a few drops of Wartrol allow its ingredients to penetrate the wart quickly and begin dissolving it right away. This topical solution dissolves warts directly for painless and effective wart relief.

Is Wartrol Safe?

Several Wartrol product review websites confirm that Wartrol is a safe treatment. Because it is homeopathic and is regulated by the FDA, meaning it helps the body heal itself, Wartrol does not have any reported side effects that could be bad for you. However, if you are allergic to alcohol, you’re advised to avoid using Wartrol as it contains ethyl alcohol.

Before buying Wartrol, it is best to consult with your doctor first, especially if you are pregnant or lactating, have a history of congenital disease, or are diagnosed with other health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension, or if you are taking any other prescriptive medication, as it may interfere with Wartrol’s effects and may even cause you further health complications.

Overall, Wartrol may just be your first option when it comes to removing warts from your body. Just remember to put your overall health above everything else and consult your doctor first before buying Wartrol.

Also, if you are already using Wartrol and you think you’re experiencing any side effects, feel free to contact the manufacturer about your concern and visit a dermatologist immediately.

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