Wartrol is a homeopathic medicine for the treatment of genital or benign warts that develop on or around your genitals and anal area. It contains natural ingredients that have been in use since long in the preparation of homeopathic medicines.

People suffering from genital warts may look forward to getting relief from it by using this active formulation. Merely two sprays of Wartrol thrice a day is all to mix up with your bloodstream, fighting the symptoms of warts from within.

Before using, you might want to know what ingredients make up Wartrol. Below is the information on the active and inactive ingredients present in this popular natural remedy.

Active Ingredients:

Black Sulphide of Antimony: This ingredient is useful in making many homeopathic formulations. It works on minimizing the effects of heat on your body to increase the signs during flare-ups related to genital warts. Heat plays a big role in giving rise to painful symptoms in your affected body areas around your genitalia or external sex organs.

Nitric Acid: This Wartrol ingredient too is common in use in numerous homeopathic remedies that works effectively on healing lesions and cuts on your skin. A number of people suffering from genital warts might agree that the final thing they observe is some scar tissues remaining behind after their recent outbreak, with an increase in nitric acid level in their blood. Accordingly, the results of breakouts are less visible.

Arbor Vitae: This ingredient found in Wartrol is popular in homeopathy as Tree of Life. It acts on your blood, skin, brain, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. It treats herpetic eruptions and dry skin bearing brown spots. Tree of Life or Arbor Vitae denotes that this natural ingredient is a white matter present in the brain helping to connect sensory functions to brain from your body. Genital warts sufferers mostly find it hard communicating properly along with their brain. To address this issue, makers of Wartrol included Arbor Vitae into it.

Other active Wartrol ingredients are Wild Yellow Indigo, which is a natural antiviral and Potassium Hydrate that bears effective healing properties.

Inactive ingredients:

Inactive ingredients in Wartrol are purified water and 20% alcohol. These two are almost in use in all the homeopathic formulas. People allergic to alcohol, need not use this medicine or other homeopathic medicine. You may dilute the intake in water and then consume it. However, after mixing with water, leave it for many hours before consumption. The alcohol evaporates leaving a tasteless and mild drink, which goes down easily and quickly.

According to doctors, Wartrol is 100% effective, convenient and safe to use containing natural ingredients none of which have side effects on your body. Moreover, unlike any prescription medicine, this formulation is purchasable without a doctor’s prescription.

Wartrol ingredients have undergone thorough laboratory testing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lent it its approval, which means people seeking a remedy for genital warts may take this product without any worry regarding any adverse effects of the same.

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