Warts are the worst kind of skin growths you can get. Most do not cause pain but it can certainly be passed on from one person to another. Considered a viral infection, warts can grow anywhere in the body – basically anywhere your body a skin-to-skin contact is made. But studies have shown that you can actually get warts by just sharing stuff like towels and socks.

Warts do not disappear just because. It stays where it has grown and most of the time just spreads on your body. There are genital warts that most of the time causes cervical cancer for women. So how do you get rid of warts?

Some proven home remedies make use of things you see in the kitchen. Some medical solutions are very expensive but proven most effective.

Home Remedies:

    – Banana Peel – Studies have shown that the rich level of potassium still intact in banana peels give one of the best wart relief solutions. You just have to use the inside of the banana peel (the pale yellow side, not the smooth side) by rubbing it on the wart every night until it heals or disappears.

    – Vitamin C and E – Crush tablets of either vitamin C or E in a bowl. Mix it with water until you make a paste out of it. Put the mix into your wart, you can wrap it with a bandage. Keep putting the vitamin C or E on your wart until you can say it’s gone.

    – Garlic – Rubbing garlic on your wart has been proven effective. Many people has been using this remedy due to garlic’s natural properties. Rub the crushed garlic on the wart every now and then.
    – Duct Tape – Although no clinical studies are available to back this up, some have shared how using a duct tape and then pilling it off quickly serves to be a home remedy for warts.

Medical Solutions:

    – Salicylic Acid – Salicylic Acid of high concentration can be prescribed by the doctor or bought over-the-counter. A topical solution, the acid can be patted on the warts everyday (you may feel a sting) until the wart disappears.

    – Cryosurgery – Usually liquid nitrogen, cryosurgery freezes the wart off the outer layer of the skin. The wart will just fall off after several treatments.

    – Laser Treatment – The most effective yet expensive solution, the laser coming from a medical equipment, zaps or electrocutes the wart. Painful but there is the assurance that the wart will not come back if all warts from the body are removed.

Just remember to always keep your wart dry because it tends to multiply more rapidly if moist. And wash your hands with warm water and soap every now and then to avoid wart growth due to contact with other people.

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