Warts are abnormalities that grow on the skin. Most types of warts are harmless; and although typically painless, some are itchy and cause discomfort depending on their location on your body. Many people want to get rid of them just because of their unsightly and embarrassing appearance.

Untreated warts have the tendency to spread from one part of your body to the other. Those caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) enter your body through cuts or breaks on your skin. It’s not unheard of for warts to appear on your genital area. The most disfiguring warts are those that have grown into clusters because of negligence or ineffective treatments.

Unfortunately, the usual avenues for wart removal are painful or expensive. These range from burning the wart itself to undergoing surgery if other methods fail. Self-care treatments such as using adhesive tape are more likely ineffective and a waste of time.

Using Wartrol to Treat Warts

Wartrol is an over-the-counter treatment for warts. It comes in liquid form and is absorbed easily by the skin when applied using its brush applicator. The treatment is FDA-approved and makes use of ingredients that are accepted by the medical community as effective for safely removing warts.

To use Wartrol, apply the liquid treatment directly on the wart using the application brush. Let it air dry for about a minute. Afterwards, avoid covering the area with clothing for 20 minutes to allow the solution to dissolve the wart.

A test of 30 participants ages 20 to 50 affected with warts was conducted over a two-month period to measure its effectiveness. It was concluded that Wartrol eliminates all symptoms of early-stage warts while extended use was recommended for middle to advance stage warts. None of the participants suffered adverse reactions to the medication.

How Can You Avoid Warts?

If you’re sexually active, be open with your partner about any existing conditions you may have. Always practice safe sex by using condoms so that you can avoid contracting any sexually transmitted diseases such as the HPV.

Wash your hands constantly with soap and water. Throughout the day, your body is susceptible to germs and viruses – and your hands are the perfect carriers for any wart-causing substances. If you have limited access to running water, bring some alcohol with you for disinfection.

Finally, if you do have a wart or know someone who does, do not touch it. Warts are contagious and transmitted by human contact.

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