WartrolHealth Buy has long been known as one of the most reputable companies for manufacturing natural remedies. One of their products, Wartrol, is a natural remedy aimed at treating warts.

The difference in this product from others on the market is that it is sublingual, meaning you put drops under your tongue to be dissolved, instead of a topical cream.

Other treatments that are available tend to work by directly fighting the HPV virus and getting rid of it. The HPV virus is responsible for many things, including skin tags, moles and of course warts.

Wartrol differs in that it works by going to work boosting your natural immunity allowing your body to fight the virus by itself. Since warts infect such a sensitive area, it is believed that this form of sublingual treatment is the best kind for this condition.

Also, because Wartrol is taken by mouth, it will be able to attack warts as they are still in the beginning stages of development when they normally won’t be noticed to be treated by other methods. Wartrol will trigger a reaction in your immune system to attack the tissues of the warts to naturally kill them.

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Will it work fast?

You will likely have to wait between 3 to 4 weeks to begin noticing any signs of improvement, so it isn’t likely the fastest treatment you could find. But, the best part is that once the treatment does start to work, the actual process of getting rid of the warts is fast.

It also works depending on each person’s immune system. Where some people have weaker immune systems, it might take it a bit longer for the treatment to start working, compared to those with a stronger immune system.

Side Effects

There aren’t any adverse side effects that have been reported by users. However, as is always the case with any kind of treatment program, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to consult with their doctor before using Wartrol.


    • Eliminates the infection that causes warts

    • Helps to control and even prevent future flare ups

    • Acts as a natural blood purifier

    • No complaints of any adverse side effects

    • Also helps to treat certain digestive disorders

    • Uses only natural ingredients

    • Homeopathic treatment that doesn’t require a prescription


Success stories from Wartrol user


Pros and cons of Wartrol

Obviously, one of the biggest drawbacks of using Wartrol is the fact that it does take a bit longer for the treatment to begin to work, compared with some other products.

There are people who don’t have the patience to wait for a treatment to work. But, when you consider the fact that it is such a sensitive area that is being treated, in the long run it makes much more sense to wait just a bit longer to have a natural, long lasting cure.

Wartrol is a 100% natural treatment that has no side effects and that is very simple to take. All that is needed is a couple of drops beneath the tongue to start the treatment working in your system. And, the best part is that there is over a 95% success rate after the initial phase, so that is a very important factor to consider.

There is a generous 90 day money back guarantee, and Health Buy is a reputable company that is known for putting out top of the line products, so you can feel assured that you are buying a quality product.


WartrolWartrol is one of the best natural remedies available on the market, and other than having a bit of a longer wait for results, the product far surpasses others on the market.

A one month supply is just $49.95, but you will likely need at least two months in order to see all your warts completely disappear.

There are different package options available, such as a 6 month supply for $199.95, where you basically pay for 4 months and receive 2 months free. This is a very good option, since you don’t want to disrupt your treatment program once you have started to see results.

Overall, Wartrol is a very good product that gives you lasting results with no side effects. And, with a very considerable money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying it.

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